Needing Guidance On What The Exams Mean

It’s all very well being chivied along at school to take this exam or that. The emphasis in all good schools, particularly the expensive Public schools and now rapidly catching them up, the free state schools is to get as many students into the very top 8 universities. No so much though has been given to whether the child rally needs the exam result to be double A or A star star star star etc. Most of today’s school leavers at age 18 are going to uni because their school demands this much, having spent years impressing this upon every family through its hands. University is not suitable for every student – there are many who need vocational training in a different pace of life and without the constant competition for the tutors’ favours. A local college still deals with animal husbandry, horticultural practices, farming year activities etc. and these give the average slow starter the real chance of a job they will like and live with contentedly all their lives.