Getting Career Advice From Pastoral Teachers

Knowing how we want to spend our working hours can be somewhat daunting as a 17 year old doing exams.  No one really has much idea about what each job entails until we get stuck in and do the job for weeks or months.  Many a young person will be influenced by previous generations of their family, quite rightly too.  But what was good enough for great grandpa may not now be what the next set want to do.  Especially if it meant putting lives at risk or moving to a ghastly far flung part of the world.    Most shools will have some form of careers advice section – usually run by a teacher who has other duties but is primarily in a pastoral and caring role within the school.  They share this enormous task with other teachers – it usually involves contacting universities and colleges to obtain masses of university entrance criteria and also knowing a general amount about what certain roles need in the way of eam results